An increasing number of schools are finding that in house special education services benefit students and the bottom line.

In House Special Education ServicesIn New Jersey, 10 year old Sam Doran’s parents are fighting the Jackson School District for Sam to be placed in a specialized school helping children like himself who have autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and sensory processing disorder.

“We don’t want to pull him out, but we have to pull him out,” 37-year-old Nicole Doran said of her son. “He should be in fifth grade, but he’s only doing second-grade level (work).

Sam’s parents believe the school system worries more about money than about children.  They believe that a specialized school will help him learn at his best.

Many school and advocacy organizations are working to keep children in their home districts, and not send them out of district to be educated. Rather than separate students, they want children with special needs to have the advantages of remaining in their home district.

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In House Special Education Services