While previous studies show that the earlier a language is learned, the better, recent findings show that learning a language after age 10 gives the brain a boost.

Learning A Language after Age 10 Gives the Brain a BoostThe study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) showed that learning a new language after age 10 may be even better for the brain.

The researchers examined 45 people who had lived in the United Kingdom for at least 13 months.  The participants were around the age of 30.  25 people spoke only English, and 20 learned English as a second language around age 10.

According to the researchers, people who began to study English around age 10 showed significant improvement in white matter structure when they were compared to the participants who spoke only English.  Overall, researchers found that there were improvements to the brain’s ability to learn language and semantics due to “higher levels of structural integrity”.

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Learning A Language after Age 10 Gives the Brain a Boost