Music is a universal language, and so a multicultural choir encourages harmony in more than music.

Multicultural Choir Encourages Harmony in More Than MusicAt Conrad High School, the chorus includes tenors and basses from Burma, Mexico and Congo, and sopranos and altoscome from Nepal, Honduras, Somalia and even Italy.

“No culture exists without music,” says choir director April Jones-Sigadi in a silky spinto soprano voice with precise articulation. “We are universal in how music influences emotions. Music can make you happy, can make you sad, can make you fearful.”

When Jones-Sigadi arrived at Conrad High in Vickery Meadown four years ago, she promptly started a multiccultural choir and concert to showcase her students who come from refugee and immigrant families speaking more than 30 languages.  Soon her students went to state competitions, where they earned top scores.  They recently performed with six other choirs from Dallas and Fort Worth at a Kwanzaa musical celebration.

The students say that singing unifies them.

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Multicultural Choir Encourages Harmony in More Than Music