While seventh and eighth graders sat around a table brainstorming questions around the topic of immigration, their teacher was structuring the lesson and nurturing students individual interests.

Nurturing Students Individual Interests

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“What are some benefits of immigration?” the students at Bluffview Montessori School  asked.

“I think it’s amazing, and not in a good way, that some (immigrants) only make $4.15 an hour,” one student replied.

“I make twice that, and I’m only 13 — it doesn’t make sense,” another added.

They also considered the negatives, such as the threat of terrorism.

Sitting off to one side, their teacher, Jacob Teichroew took notes and spoke rarely.  He reminded the group to speak one at a time, and clarified a few facts.

Students come prepared to the lessons, and have read a packet of articles around the chosen topic.  They are always asking when the next a session is coming up, and it is often one of their favorite activities.

According  to Teichroew, students like to express their opinions.  They enjoy exploring a topic on their own and working together while respecting different opinions.


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Nurturing Students Individual Interests

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