As math standards get more difficult, some schools are finding that helping parents learn how to help with math homework is beneficial for students and for parent involvement.

Problem solving strategies are different than they used to be.  At Dundee Elementary, fourth grade teacher Ben Darling demonstrated one method his students had used to multiply 26 by 35.

Parents Learn How To Help with Math HomeworkHe drew a box with diagonal lines, as illustrated by the lattice method in OPS’s new elementary math program, “Go Math!”

Inside the box, numbers were broken down into smaller multiplication problems and then organized in the small boxed and added up.

“This is fourth-grade math?” one parent whispered.

Darling explained that this method is just one of several choices kids use to calculate the same answer, which is 910.

He told the parents that there are five or six different calculation procedures students can use for multiplication.  More than half the students might choose the lattice method, and a few might use a conventional formula.

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Parents Learn How To Help with Math Homework