A new review has found that personality traits may be a predictor of academic success.  While parents should encourage an early start on learning activities, Dr Arthur Poropat of Griffith University’s School of Applied Psychology has found that parents should also be nurturing their kids’ personalities as well as intelligence.

Personality May be a Predictor of Academic SuccessIntelligence is important in academic success.  But for children who are reserved, introverted, or even antisocial, it’s going to be more difficult to get them to engage in their education, even if they are smart.

Kids who score higher on five fundamental personality factors such as openness and conscientiousness, are more likely to participate in their own education, through talking with teachers, working hard, or helping other kids.

“In practical terms, the amount of effort students are prepared to put in, and where that effort is focused, is at least as important as whether the students are smart,” Poropat said. “And a student with the most helpful personality will score a full grade higher than an average student in this regard.”

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Personality May be a Predictor of Academic Success