A regional competition had schools compete to plan the future of farming, and middle school students were challenged to develop sustainable agriculture solutions for growing food.

Schools Compete to Plan the Future of FarmingAt Rutgers University in New Jersey, 29 groups of students competed.  Students designed spaces for growing food, based on the idea that land and space for growing sufficient food to feed the world population might not be as available as it is today.

Eighth graders at Readington Middle School created vertical farms based on the design of the Gherkin building in London.  The vertical spirals that encircle the building are well known.

They envisioned a building in future China that would have Brussels sprouts grown vertically on the outside and adzuki beans on the inside.  According to gifted and enrichment teacher Emily Bengels, the students added the spirals so the wind would go around the window.

“The kids are really passionate about it and it thrills me as a teacher,” she said.

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Schools Compete to Plan the Future of Farming