The Battle of the Brains contest is flourishing at Science City, where student’s ideas live.

Science City, Where Student's Ideas LiveWinners of the tech education and design contest have their projects on display at Science City.  The contest was sponsored by Burns & McConnell, a benefactor of Science City for a long time.

A genetic disorder affecting teacher Brittani Wiolton inspired her students to explore the science of genetics for their Battle of the Brains project.  The Try-a-Trait machine was the result of their research.It features a clone machine which enables participants to stand next to picture copies of themselves, as well as copies of copies.  The machine is a combination of camera, screen, and timed flash.

After you have sampled traits, you can  move to a sand table which works with a display that is projected from overhead.  Move your hand over the miniature landscapes, and the projection reacts in real time.  it registers changes in height and shows how water would flow around the landscape.

Winning teams are from Leawood Elementary School and Olathe North High School.  The prize for students is to see their ideas turned into high tech exhibits that residents of the Kansas City areaa will visit for years to come.

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Science City, Where Student's Ideas Live