While school districts are working to increase offerings in Science, Technology, Math,and Engineering subjects, one school succeeded by having students win a STEM prize grant for their school.

Students Win a STEM Prize Grant For Their SchoolSamsung Electronics has awarded first place in New Jersey in its Solve for Tomorrow contest to Northfield Middle School.  A team from Samsung visited the school and brought some of the $20,000 in technology equipment prizes to the school.

The school also learned that they will be entered in the next round of competition, with the possibility of winning $100,000 in  cash and prizes.

The school’s American Legion “post crashers” project was the entry in the competition, created by the Media club.

Middle School Principal Glenn Robbins said theat he would like to see the school receive recognition beyond the district website and Facebook page.  He said that the winnings will be used to fund a broadcast studio.

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Students Win a STEM Prize Grant For Their School