A new study assessing effects of full day kindergarten on children’s health is being undertaken by researchers partnering with the Kansas Health Institute.

Study Assessing Effect of Full Day KindergartenThe research is a health impact assessment that will inform the state legislature of the potential impact of changes to full day kindergarten on children’s health.

“Health outcomes are just starting to be investigated,” said Courtney Coughenour, postdoctoral scholar at UNLV’s School of Community Health Sciences. “However, we have found that better educational attainment is linked to fewer infectious diseases and other healthy behaviors.”

The focus of the assessment is to measure how quality early education programs improve children’s long term health through data and expertise, and evaluate consequences of various proposals.

“It’s really a tool for decision-makers to use so they can fully understand the health effects of proposed laws, regulations and programs,” said Tatiana Lin, a senior analyst and strategy team leader at the Kansas Health Institute.

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 Study Assessing Effect of Full Day Kindergarten