When the mind game of chess comes to school, kids have an opportunity to play the world’s grandest game even at younger levels.  Research shows the benefits of bringing the classic game to life in schools.

The Mind Game of Chess Comes to School“The Chess Lady” as Wendi Fischer is called, started 10 years ago in Seattle schools.  She achieved notoriety among the children as the public face and executive director of First Move, A nonprofit that teaches chess in schools through videos recorded by Fischer and taught by classroom teachers.

The students already know her in each school.  They watched and learned chess from her videos for an hour a week.

The demand for chess in schools is increasing, as it is a valuable curriculum and mental development tool.  It is also a fun game for the students.

A 2011 study in Texas suggested that chess might be especially effective for children with special needs.

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The Mind Game of Chess Comes to School