A new website helps parents guide kids for math homework, so that if they are unsure how to help their children they will have a tool to make it easier.

Website Helps Parents Guide Kids for Math HomeworkThe Hall County school system is developing a website called “Big Ideas”, which clarifies the expectations of students at each grade level.

Assistant superintendent for teaching and learning Eloise Barron explained more about the project.

“We have been talking for several months about, ‘How can we help parents help our students?” she said.  “While we talk a lot about Common Core standards and work that goes home, it’s not always a comfort zone for parents to work with their students on that homework.”

After selecting a link on the Big Ideas site, parents will see specific examples of each expectation.

“If you click on ‘understanding multiplication and division,’ one of the foundational concepts in grade three, it gives things your third-grader should be able to do,” said Brittany Peevy, professional learning specialist for Hall County Schools. “… So they should be able to multiply and divide within 100, understand division and solve word problems involving multiplication and division.”

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Website Helps Parents Guide Kids for Math Homework