The technique of “Whole Brain Teaching” involves new ways to engage students by getting them to use their whole brain when they learn. It began as an educational reform movement about 15 years ago.

Whole Brain TeachingMaking lessons fun is a big part of the method used.  Teachers use exaggerated hand gestures and different voices to make sure the lessons are interactive.

“Whole Brain Teaching is a way to get kids to use their whole brain when they learn,” said Chris Biffle, director of Whole Brain Teachers of America. “We want them to see, hear, say, move and have a positive emotional connection to what they’re learning.”

“If it’s not fun, it’s not Whole Brain Teaching,” Biffle said. “It’s a curriculum of games. They have so much fun they don’t realize they’re learning.”

Teacher training was provided at a professional development conference in Cherokee Elementary School. Teachers from Alexandria, Arcadia, LS Rugg and JB Nachmann joined together to get students interested.
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Whole Brain Teaching