A teacher who was formerly a software dealer now teaches 3D animation for middle school kids, and the results are that young students learn complex tools at an early age.

3D Animation For Middle School KidsKent Ganevsky is teaching his class at Roosevelt Middle School how to use the software that animation professionals use to create major motion pictures such as “The Hobbitt” and “Avatar”.

He has recently incorporated Autodesk Mayasoftware into the students’ daily curriculum.  He spent many years selling animation software to top line studios such as Disney and Sony.

Students are learning the basics of the complex softward program and they have all be able to download the program on their classroom computers and at home.  Ganevsky values their ability to persevere and push through mistakes.

“The younger generation has absolutely no inhibitions or no frustrations. They’ll just click and click and click until they get it… They’ve just done amazing work,” he said.

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3D Animation For Middle School Kids