A technical school is offering college credit for welding classes via dual enrollment.

College Credit for Welding Classes Via Dual EnrollmentThe partnership between Houston County Career Technical Center, located at Ashford High School, and Wallace Community College will enable students to take welding courses and earn  college credits for them. In recent years, the demand for skilled workers trained in welding has led community colleges to increase the courses in that area.

According to Tonya Holland, career coach for the center, students can obtain a degree from Wallace in welding or at least have sufficient training to start a job.

“It’s a great leg up on a career,” she said.

A benefit of the new program is that the center has received a $180,000 grant to pay for new welding equipment. Students pay nothing for the course at the center and tuition at Wallace is covered by state funding.

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College Credit for Welding Classes Via Dual Enrollment