Whether you are a student or a budding writer, essay writing has always been surrounded by many myths. While some of them appear to be pretty harmless, others have kept writers and students from attaining their full potential. In extreme cases, these myths have also caused many to simply abandon essay writing before they even try it. Here are the 5 most common myths of essay writing and the reality behind them.

Myth #1. A Writer Is Either Born or Not

This myth was probably created by self-proclaimed writing geniuses who wanted to prevent others from trying and matching up to their success. In reality, like every other skill in life that requires practice, time and patience, writing too comes naturally when it is practiced to the fullest. The fact of the matter is that any writer, at any point, can turn out to be a better writer by gaining knowledge about what a good piece of writing comprises of and what should be avoided.
Have you heard of anyone who was born with grammar comprehension or diction? Your essay writing skills improve when you do some research and put your imagination and creativity to the test by focusing on what is required in the essay.

Debunking 5 Myths about Essay Writing

Myth #2. Essay Writing Is Boring

Although essay writing can be a tedious task for some, it is never boring. Apparently, it is one of those things which appear un-necessary and irrelevant, unless you start doing it. Take the example of adopting an exercise or a fitness regime. You keep on assuring yourself that you don’t need exercise and it’s a waste of time.

But only when you begin doing it, it becomes something you just can’t seem to live without. The same goes for essay writing. When you put your thinking and pen (or computer in most cases today) into action, the whole writing process turns into an insightful journey of discovering a hidden part of yourself. If you are writing on a subject you are interested in, how can it be boring?

Myth #3. Essay Writing Is Hard

Again, like learning how to drive that always seem difficult, it becomes the most natural thing that comes to you, essay writing is anything but hard. All you need to do is to draft a flowchart or make mental notes of how your essay will take shape. Can’t seem to do that? No worries. Simply know or research about what you are going to write. When you know something really well, you do it conveniently and almost always the right way.

Myth #4. Only Nerds Who Write Exceptional Essays Get Admitted

This myth actually covers two myths. First, only nerds can write good essays. Secondly, because they can do that, they can get admitted into any university they want. Be it an admission essay or a term paper, good essays are those that come from within the writer. It means that once you are clear about what you have to write with relevant research, your essay becomes a reflection of how passionate you are about getting into a university. You are judged by your passion and seldom by your grammar. But of course, wrong use of prepositions could land you in trouble!

Myth #5. Writers Need Inspiration

If this was true, nothing in the world would ever be written. No deadlines would have been met and nobody would have made a career out of writing. For a creative writer, even a small incident or goal can be enough of an inspiration to start writing an essay. Creative juices flow best when they are being put to work. Accomplished essay writers have shown more success in writing when they rely on the creative process to appear naturally throughout the writing process instead of prior to the beginning of the essay writing process.
So, these are 5 myths about essay writing you should know better than to believe.

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Debunking 5 Myths about Essay Writing