Dual language immersion for kindergartners is becoming more available in school districts, with pilot programs and solutions for financial and staffing concerns.

Dual Language Immersion for KindergartnersA pilot program open only to students entering kindergarten and first grade will open at Community Park School this Septembers.  Parents will have the choice of whether or not to have their children learn half in English and half in Spanish.

The immersion program will be structured after a 50/50 model, in which half the instruction is in Spanish and the other half in english.  The pilot program will last for two years.  It will only be at Community Park School.  If it is successful, it could be offered to other elementary schools in the district.

The Community Park School serves many Latino families.  A dual language immersion program is seen as a way to enable those students to gain fluency in English, which exposing students from English speaking families to the advantage of learning a second language.

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Dual Language Immersion for Kindergartners