There are several components involved when you first learn to read.
 Reading and Writing11-1-2010 3-30-52 PMPhonics which is the ability to hear,  identify, and manipulate sounds and the letters that represent them. There is an interconnection with spelling, phonics, and reading. The interconnection happens in both the action of decoding words (the ability to sound out printed words) and the action of encoding words – spelling (the ability to put letters to the sounds that make up a word).
Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately and quickly.
Language or Vocabulary is the ability to comprehend/understand what you read.

In this article, I’m focusing on the reading fluency component of reading.

 Reading Fluency Training

Reading fluency training is one of the easiest activities for parents to do with their kids to improve reading skills, and it only takes 5 minutes a few times a week to make a dramatic difference. Reading fluency training works to improve reading skills whether you have LD, dyslexia, are falling through the cracks, or are even gifted.
You may not realize how important reading fluency and accuracy is, so here is an example of how it impacts your reading or your child’s reading. For example, imagine you are reading a passage in a reading lesson and read: “Susan can go to the store.” You finish reading the selection and go to the questions that are at the end of the selection. There is a question that asks, “Why couldn’t Susan go to the store?” You think to yourself – What…I read “Susan can go to the store.” This question doesn’t make any sense to me. BUT, what the sentence actually said was…”Susan can’t go to the store.” Your eyes skipped the apostrophe t, and the whole meaning was lost.That is one of the things that the Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills reading fluency training program corrects. With improved reading fluency, you don’t skip words or parts of words. You don’t miss out on important pieces that are critical to reading comprehension. That is why it is important to have accurate reading for reading comprehension.

Reading Fluency in 5 Minutes

5min-words-vs-mistakes-300x100-v-2Studies have shown that short sessions over a period of time make a bigger difference in your child’s reading success than long sessions do. In fact, research from the University of Kansas showed greater reading improvement came when students practiced reading fluency training five to six minutes a day for three to five days a week than those that practiced an hour a day once a week.

We have three solutions that address reading fluency. Choose the solution that best fits your family and order today.

  1. Our ASW Spelling and Phonics Program which improves decoding, encoding, spelling, reading fluency, and phonics in just 20 minutes a day.
  2. Our ASW Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Program which improves reading fluency, comprehension, writing, and study skills
  3. Our do-it-yourself book set: Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills

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