When kids create a cheer for police officers, it reminds everyone to thank the police officers for all that they do for a community.

Kids Create a Cheer for Police OfficersFirst responders were honored at the Mount Ellen Middle School  at a schoolwide Flagstaff Police Officer Appreciation day assembly

“We appreciate you!” cheered nearly 800 students at the uniformed law enforcement officers standing at the front of the Mount Elden Middle School gym.  The students planned the assembly after hearing about the  death of Flagstaff Police Officer Tyler Stewart, who was gunned down in the line of duty.  A young policeman, he was only about 10 years older than most of the students.

“When a tragedy like this or any tragedy, for that matter, occurs in a close-knit community like Flagstaff, it resonates with every citizen, young and old,” MEMS Student Council adviser Beth Criley. “Our students felt the loss of Officer Tyler Stewart on a very personal level.”

Students developed a cheer which involved extending their hands out, instead of up.  The theme was “Hands Out: We Appreciate You”.

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Kids Create a Cheer for Police Officers