Learning science through sports promises to be a fun way to teach kids practical applications of math and physics, thanks to help from the Los Angeles Angels and the LA Galaxy.

Learning Science Through SportsMath used by baseball groundskeepers, how baseball is played on a diamond, and how players are trained to score are just a few of the lessons that teachers will learn about next month at Angel Stadium and later at the StubHub in Carson.  The Anaheim School District hopes to train 70 teachers.

A $1 million, three year grant from the California Department of Education is supporting the development of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs.  The grant was awarded to the Anaheim City School District for new science programs based on sports.  The lessons will be called the Science of Sport, based on a program developed in Arizona. In addition, in kind services and a collective donation of $500,000 will be received from the Angels, the LA Galaxy soccer team, and the Orange County Department of Education.

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Learning Science Through Sports