A recent incident left administrators “horrified” and has increased the urgency of managing kids’ social networking on school devices.

Managing Kids' Social Networking on School Devices“It was an eye-opener for us. We’re definitely going to make some changes,” said Joseph Sutorius, the director of technology services for East Irondequoit Central School District.

A stranger was able to contact a fifth grade birl who was using a school approved social networking app.  The incident showed the shortcomings in the safeguards in place for schools that give students devices such as laptop computers and tablets.

Across the country, thousands of students use school provided personal computing devices such as iPads, Chromebooks and laptops.  The methods used to protect the students and manage the devices are being tested as the number of devices provided to students grows.

“It’s definitely something that is being sorted out as people begin to use these devices for classroom distribution,” said Jody Siegle, executive director of the Monroe County School Boards Association.

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Managing Kids' Social Networking on School Devices