Because of the kindness of a boy who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, a father has teamed up with a non profit organization and child advocates to make sure that no one eats alone.

No One Eats AloneDaniel Barden is remembered as the kind of kid who cared for worms stranded on sidewalks, and for ants that were stuck inside his home.  He was also the type of seven year old who would not hesitate to say hello or make a classmate feel welcome.  His father, Mark Barden, remembers that Daniel would take a few extra moments to hold store doors open for strangers.

More than two years have passed since a gunman killed Daniel and other students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and Daniel’s father, Mark figures that if Daniel’s compassion had spread, he might still be alive today.

“For me, it’s very personal. My little son, Daniel, who used to do this on his own. He used to reach out to kids who were sitting alone and ask if they wanted a friend, or just start a conversation with them or ask if they needed help with something,” Barden said.

Barden is a musician who now works full time as an advocacy director for Sandy Hook Promise, the nonprofit organization which was formed after the shooting.  The group gives speeches around the country and brainstorms ways to help students eliminate bullying and violence in schools.

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No One Eats Alone