Middle school students are sinking or swimming with robot fish – literally.

Sinking or Swimming With Robot FishMath and science  have  been pretty much by the book for years, but a group of seventh graders are breaking the mold.

Instead of calculators, test tubes, and baking soda, their tools are robots, motors, and an underwater obstacle course.

The Edison Middle School students will soon compete with their “SeaPerch” robots at a local pool. The project is sponsored by  Sierra Lobo IncStan engineering company. They purchase the SeaPerch kits from the US Navy, for a total cost of about $45.

Each student has a role, and we try to let them complete most of the project on their own,” said Mark Haberbusch, director of research and technology with Sierra Lobo Inc. “If they encounter a problem, it’s their job to figure it out. We don’t want to give them all the answers.”

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