In response to news coverage of their school, high school students are discovering that social media unites students with hashtag #DecaturStrong.

Social Media Unites Students with Hashtag #DecaturStrongStudents showed their school pride at Stephen Decatur High School on spirit day by wearing the school’s blue and white colors.  Students have recently been concerned about media coverage of recent fighting incidents, and they have demonstrated a strong, unified response according to Worcester County Schools Spokeswoman Barbara Witherow.

“The school has really come together in spite of everything,” Witherow said. “The students have had several discussions about appropriate and respectful behaviors and even took a group photo.”

A student suggested that the photo be taken and opened it up to the school to participate.  The photo is circulating on social media with the hashtag #DecaturStrong. It has been trending on Twitter and Instagram. Students are showing that coming together is newsworthy as well.

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Social Media Unites Students with Hashtag #DecaturStrong