STEM Career Day offers encouragement for students seeking to take more math and science courses.  After attending Career Day activities at Skyview High School, sixteen of the 28 students in one class said they were interested in careers in math and science.

STEM Career Day Offers Encouragement For Students

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Shawna Bonini, a petroleum engineer for SM Energy, was a guest speaker.  She wrote the ratio on the whiteboard – about 57 percent.  Beneath the ratio she wrote “80” and circled it.  This is the proportion of future jobs estimated to require technical know how.

The gap between 57 and 80 percent is something that Bonini wants the class to think hard about.

Bonini represented just one of 20 regional businesses who spoke at the career day, which was centered around jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math. Corporations are anticipating a growth in STEM related careers, and find it essential to recruit middle school and high school students now, so that the interest in these fields is not lost.

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