In the seven years that she has been superintendent of the Arlington School district, Kristine McDuffy showed who comes first, asking that students help deliver State of the District address by being recognized as leaders in the school.

Students Help Deliver State of the District AddressStudents from middle and high school were named to the “Panel of Experts” and answered questions about school conditions. Some of the students are student members of the Arlington school board, and the others were recommended by their principals.

High school junior Sarah Munoz admitted to feeling apprehension after the shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School when she was asked how safe she felt in her school, but she said that having the school resource officer present reassured her.

“Our school is probably the safest place in Arlington, except for the police station,” Munoz said. Other students concurred, citing safety drills conducted in school, and not experiencing physical violence or social pressures.

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Students Help Deliver State of the District Address