Many school districts find textbooks being replaced by online alternatives, as the cost of textbooks increases and the online alternatives are so much more affordable.

Textbooks Being Replaced by Online Alternatives

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In some cases, the online books are free, or available for a very low price.

Online lessons can be downloaded, customized, and updated, easily and all for free.

While textbook publishers have long developed and marketed digital lessons, the movement for open educational resources has taken hold, focusing on free material.

“We’re just at the initial stages of a revolution in education,” said Matt Chamberlain, principal of Venture School, an independent study school in the San Ramon Unified School District. Selecting and managing online material is challenging, “but to put resources in kids’ hands is very exciting.”

Apple has endeavored to replace textbooks with iPad lessons, but the trend for open free resources has continued among creative educators, who relish sharing sources and teaching students how to find credible resources online.

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Textbooks Being Replaced by Online Alternatives