High school students participating in a national math challenge have applied math to the real world, as part of a competition offering scholarship money as a reward.

Participating in a National Math Challenge

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In Cedar Grove, New Jersey, five members of the math honor society participated in Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, a national competition sponsored by the Moody’s Foundation.  The challenge is organized by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and required students to answer a real world question using math.

The CCHS students formed their team in the school library, and focused on the cost of a college education based on selected major and family income. They compared STEM vs non-STEM majors, and after 12 hours of work, concluded that STEM majors are likely to pay off as the careers tend to be more lucrative.

According to math teacher Heather Lauritano “They walked away saying ‘that was actually kind of fun’ because it was applicable. It was something where they could actually apply all of those analysis skills they learned in class.”

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