According to a recent study from, nearly 80 percent of parents spend more time helping their children with homework than their parents spent with them, and 70 percent of teachers expect this type of active involvement from today’s parents when it comes to education.

A Look at Today's Education: Parental Involvement in Childrens’ Schoolwork is GrowingThe survey was conducted to provide Americans with a view on the state of education today.

Insights from parents, teachers and homeschoolers covered the nature of parental involvement in homework, attitudes about the US education system and Common Core State Standards, and other current academic issues.

In addition to the more than 12,000 respondents who indicated a growing trend toward hands-on parental involvement in K-12 education, opinions on the quality of education today’s children are receiving also popped.

What Parents Think

More than three quarters of parents (77 percent) rated the quality of education their child is receiving at their school as good, very good or excellent. However, nearly one half (45.5 percent) believe the quality of education at schools nationwide is only satisfactory, fair or poor.

What Teachers Think

Teachers had a more optimistic outlook both locally and nationally, as almost nine in ten (85 percent) rated the quality of education at the school where they teach as good or better, and a hefty majority (66 percent) believe the quality of education nationwide to be good, very good or excellent.

Common Core Mixed Feelings

When it comes to parents, survey answers indicated that they remain mixed on the Common Core State Standards and how they will affect their child’s education. One in four parents (25 percent) believe the standards will have a negative impact, while 35 percent believe the Common Core will have a positive impact. This leaves the majority of parents (40 percent) on the fence.A Look at Today's Education: Parental Involvement in Childrens’ Schoolwork is Growing

Meanwhile, more than a quarter of teachers report a lack of support from their school or district when it comes to properly implementing the new standards in the classroom.

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