Recently, a study published in the Journal of Learning Disabilities says that researchers have found early screening key to preventing persistent math difficulties in at risk children

Early Screening Key to Preventing Persistent Math Difficulties

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At risk children were identified as being as young as 2 years old from low socioeconomic status households, or with cognitive and behavioral issues, and with vocabulary and reading difficulties.

As with previous studies, it was found that young children who experience math difficulty will likely continue to experience the same difficulty as they grow older.  But previously, little was known about which children experience PMD (Persistent Math Difficulties).  Thu current study found that socioeconomic status of the family matters much in changing children’s risk levels.

“Schools can’t do much to change a family’s economic circumstances, but schools can decide how they allocate extra resources and how early they intervene to help children who seem to be struggling academically,” said Paul L Morgan, associate professor of education at Penn State and lead author of the study, which was funded by the US Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences.

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