Flipping a pre calculus classroom worked so well for Southridge High teacher Katie Wilkinson that she decided to continue with it this year.

Flipping a Pre Calculus ClassroomRather than the usual procedure of teaching a lesson in the classroom and students extending the lesson by doing homework, Wilkinson flipped it.  Her students watch her deliver lessons in a video they can watch at home, and they do their homework in class as she moves from table to table watching them and assisting.

The reason flipped classrooms works is simple to her – she has found that her students will be more likely to engage in the passive activity of watching the video at home, but in class she can monitor the activity and interest, and keep an eye on student abilities.

“How far are into lesson four are you?” she asks one  young man.      “You have to make a dent in four today or you meet the point of no return.”

“What’s the plan for you to catch up?” she asks another student

At another table she asks, “By the time I see you on Wednesday, where will you be?”


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Flipping a Pre Calculus Classroom