Elementary schools are encouraging healthy hearts for kids through training for students by health community groups.

Healthy Hearts for KidsIn Colorado, the University of Colorado Health (UCHealth) and cardiologist Dr Gary Luckasen spearheaded a day long training at the Medical Center of the Rockies for fifth grade teachers.  It covered the health and science standards and presented the Healthy Hearts program as a way to bring health education into the classroom.

“This makes the connection for students between content knowledge they are learning in the classroom and everyday healthy choices they make that impact their physical well-being and lifelong health,” said Jan Lanting, elementary science coordinator for Thompson R2-J.

Students learn about healthy heart practices, but also about the function of the heart, which satisfies some of their science curriculum.  Everything from how fast the heart beats to maing sensible dietary choices to promote heart health and prevent disease are covered.

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Healthy Hearts for Kids