A blended learning program keeps kids moving for better focus, while motivating them to keep up with their classroom peers.

Keep Kids Moving For Better FocusLast year, Parkland School District set up the program, primarily in high school math classes, favoring new lesson plans and 2st century learning instead of traditional classroom techniques.

“They started from scratch,”said  Assistant to the Superintendent for Operations Tracy E. Smith of the 13 teachers who volunteered for the initial program.

Students don’t daydream or lose focus in these classes – they circulate in 10 minute rotations, between instruction, independent computer study, and group learning with peers.

Teachers were initially concerned about the pace of the program, and the implementation of blended learning techniques.  However, they were more at ease after seeing results in the classroom.

“I am confident that students have a stronger mastery of the material and are more fully engaged,” said Parkland High math teacher Kate Robbins.


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Keep Kids Moving For Better Focus