A clever elementary school program in the arts has kids drumming for math, learning music and mathematics at the same time, and having a lot of fun.

Kids Drumming For MathRick Morin started a class of third graders at Pulaski Elementary School off by having them run in place.  “We’ve got to get those muscles all warmed up,” he said, while students clapped hands and moved  their arms up and down

It sounded like a gym class. But it was actually a music class, learning drumming from Morin. He is an artist in residence, thanks to a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Pulaski is a magnet school specializing in performing arts.  More than music and drumming is happening in Morin’s classes.  They are reviewing math concepts while drumming, and working on life and social skills.

“If a kid is having fun, they’re learning, that’s my thing,” Morin said after the lesson.

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Kids Drumming For Math