A print on demand photo booth, and custom drinking straws were just some of the projects on display which helped kids learn math with an entrepreneurial fair.

Kids Learn Math With an Entrepreneurial FairAt Providence Christian Academy, teacher Dawn Schueler looked for different ways to present math lessons, and discovered the concept of an entrepreneurial fair.

“I wanted the kids to know math can be fun and that it’s more than doing problems from a book. It’s problem-solving and critical thinking,” she said.

First, students decided if they wanted to be sole proprietors or work with a partner.  Then they learned basic advertising, designed posters and were visited by a local small business owner who listed to them describe their challenges.

They set up the booths in the cafeteria, and other students shopped at the different booths, purchasing items from 25 cents to $3.

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Kids Learn Math With an Entrepreneurial Fair