An environmental student exchange project enabled 500 middle and high school students to be learning about history while creating clean communities.

Learning About History While Creating Clean CommunitiesAt New Jersey’s Historic Waterloo Village, students from 16 different schools gathered to participate in the annual New Jersey Clean Communities’ Environmental Student Exchange.

“The event was a two-part day,” said Sandy Huber, executive director of the New Jersey Clean Communities Council.

Students went to different areas of the park with adults to pick up litter.  They took tours of the village, where they learned about development of communities, the introduction of trainsand canals, and the area’s first settlers, the Lenape Indians.

.”We learned a lot about how people lived and survived in the 1700s and 1800s — how they made things and used tools like stones to grind wheat,” said William Sivertsson, 14, an eighth grader at Frelinghuysen Middle School in Morristown. “They taught us about how the Lenape Indians used every part of the animals they killed — there was no waste and they were very sensitive to their environment,” said Matteo Johnson, 14, also a student at Frelinghuysen.

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Learning About History While Creating Clean Communities