Schools have found fun ways to prepare for standardized tests, and perhaps the most unusual method is the math madness in the school gym.  Patterned after March Madness in basketball, students at Alexandria Middle School in Louisiana combine physical activity, teamwork, speed, and math concepts in a fun and exciting competition that engages the entire school.

Math Madness in the School GymUsing Eureka Math questions, the challenges were modeled like those on the state standardized test. Teams competed throughout the week, and by then end of the week there remained five all star teams of five.  When the whistle blew to begin the first 8 minute round, one student from each team sprinted to a desk and worked a math problem.  They then handed it to a judge, who scored it and signaled the next member of the team to start.

There was a competitive atmosphere as speakers blared music such as “Pump the Jam”, and students raced to the finish.

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Math Madness in the School Gym