To raise student achievement, some schools are finding that the technique of mindset helps students overcome challenges

Mindset Helps Students Overcome ChallengesThe idea of failing might be discouraging to second graders, but in Nadia Boria’s second grade class, it’s exciting.  The reason?  She has told them time and again that failing is part of learning, not something negative.

Boria and her fellow teachers at Scouters Mountain Elementary School in Happy Valley teach their students that academic success  is dependent on attitude.  She implements a philosophy called growth mindset, emphasizing that intelligence is not a fixed trait, but something that can grow and change.  Thus, teachers hope to teach students to overcome challenges.

The idea of growth mindset was developed by Stanford University psychology professor Carol Dweck in her 2006 book “Mindset”.  The idea is that intelligence can improve through perseverance and work, instead of being a static trait.

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Mindset Helps Students Overcome Challenges