Moving firmly into the 21st century, schools are replacing textbooks with techbooks, challenging students and educators to use digital textbooks for classes and professional development.

Replacing Textbooks with TechbooksThe Oriskany Central School is partnering with Discovery Education to bring digital science texts to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. It’s the first district in New York State to adopt the Discovery Education Science Techbook for all grade levels.  In addition, digital social studies is currently available in grades 5-8

With techbooks, students access information at their own pace, working independently at their level of learning.  The lessons are interactive and engaging while leaving students open to collaborate with one another. The Science Techbooks feature videos, interactive texts, virtual labs, simulations, and an interactive glossary with audio and video.  The curriculum is aligned with Common Core State Standards, and is designed to work with teachers making the transition to a digital classroom.

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Replacing Textbooks with Techbooks