Concern over global consequences of plastic littering the oceans has students pushing restaurants to eliminate plastic straws.

Students Push Restaurants to Eliminate Plastic StrawsEnvironmentalist teens from Sir Francis Drake High School are working with the 16 restaurants in San Anselmo to eschew plastic straws and switch to paper.  The result is that many restaurants are cooperating, and and finding they may save some money.

“It’s a win-win,” said Matteo Boussina as the group gathered in his restaurant Monday, toasting him with glasses containing paper straws

The students got involved when Michelle Cox and Heather Itzla who are members of the Environmental Forum of Marin, learned that student embassy members were looking for a project that was environmentally oriented.

“We were interested in eliminating plastic straws in San Anselmo restaurants, so we enlisted them (the students),” Itzla said.

The teens convinced ten restaurants to drop plastic straws within two months.

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Students Push Restaurants to Eliminate Plastic Straws