School districts everywhere are closely examining technology driven changes in math curriculum.

Technology Driven Changes in Math CurriculumAt Roncalli High School in Indianapolis, a team of teachers and administrators are evaluating a new math curriculum as the school year progresses. The team evaluates textbooks from diverse publishers.

“We really hone in on, ‘What is our philosophy on math instruction? What do we believe when it comes to math instruction?’” said Brenda Kraft, Roncalli Primary School Principal. . “That involves reading a lot of research that’s currently out there. ‘What’s the best practices in math instruction right now?’ We read lots of stories, lots of research, lots of articles on that. Then, we start contacting publishers and asking for samples of their curriculum.

New materials include interactive pieces, such as video, smartboard add ons, and games.  Kraft said she evaluates the technology pieces herself.

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Technology Driven Changes in Math Curriculum