Fourth graders have the opportunity to learn the values and characteristics of successful people through a special curriculum entitled The Pyramid of Success

The Pyramid of SuccessThe curriculum was designed by the late John R. Wooden, UCLA’s legendary men’s basketball coach. At Breckenridge Elementary School, teacher Arly Ohm says he has always looked up to Wooden as an example of how to live one’s life and treat others.

“I met him. He was everything I believe in, the old school values,” Ohm said.

The leadership values taught by the curriculum include enthusiasm,  loyalty,  friendship,and industriousness. Students find ways to incorporate those values into their daily lives.

“They’ve learned the Pyramid of Success and they take quizzes about each block,” said Ohm. “It’s really interesting to see, from a fourth grader’s perspective, how it applies to their life.”

Former students joke with Ohm about how his classrume rules compare with other teachers.

“Everyone has had teachers who have the rules to be quiet, raise your hand,” he said. “But in my class, the rules have always been don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t make excuses. Do the best you can.”

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The Pyramid of Success