Junior High students are finding that tiny houses yield big math lessons as they used their math class knowledge to complete a project which benefited three community groups.

Tiny Houses Yield Big Math LessonsStudents at Lincoln Junior High School built 5 tiny structures in the shape of houses.  They donated two of the tiny houses, each about 4 feet high and 3 feet wide to the Bella Vista Animal Shelter and the other three went to the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter and the Bentonville Public Library to be “reading houses” where children could curl up with a book.

“They had to write equations. They had to find intersection points in the roof line,” said Jayna Moffit, an eighth-grade math teacher. “They had to use a lot of the things they are learning in class.”

The students were part of a math lab course for those who struggle with math and need extra help.

“I definitely have seen an increase in their drive to do well,” Moffit said. “The project kind of answers the age-old question of how will I use this in the real world.”

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Tiny Houses Yield Big Math Lessons