has done the research for you again and and our Annual Awards are in for The Top 101 Best Summer Camps 2015!

This year, our staff reviewed camps in as many categories as possible and discovered some of the best summer camps out there!  If you have kids interested in the following, very exciting activities, there are camps for everyone!

If your child is an actor at heart for example, , performing arts and fine arts camps such as Long Lake Camp for the Arts and Hale Centre Theatre rank highest on our list. If your child is interested in adventures, Long Lake Camp Adventures and Crime Museum CSI Camp definitely fit the bill. We’ve given awards to camps for every type of interest.


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When you choose a summer camp here are the top tips to keep in mind and choosing a summer camp is a lot like selecting a school:

1. Check to see if the camp belongs to the ACA – American Camp Association. This association has high standards and accredits summer camps for a large number of very important things.

2. Keep your child’s interests in mind. Kids flourish at summer camp when they love the camp  they are interested in.

3. Check the location of the camp and the type of accommodations. Some kids thrive on rustic and some need more comfort to enjoy the experience.

Top 101 Best Summer Camps 2015

4. When you can, get references from other parents. This really helps you choose a safe environment for your child and can make all the difference in one camp you select over another. This is a helpful way to tell if this is one of the best summer camps for your child.

5. Make sure you know all the costs associated with the summer camp you choose – and where there are any extras tagged on before you enroll your child.

6. It’s really important that you have a way to stay in touch with your child when he or she is away at camp. Some kids want that security and more and more parents want that same security as well. Find out if your child can send emails or texts, and whether parents can visit once during the camping experience.

7. If you child has special dietary or medication needs, find out if the camp will take care of that for them.

8. Ask the camp what type of training the staff has and ensure you feel comfortable with their response. Working with kids in certain camp activities very often requires specialized training and you want to make certain that the staff has the training or certifications they need.

9. Finally, make sure, if it is a sleepaway camp, that your child is comfortable with being away from home. If not, you may find yourself bringing your child home early.

Pat Wyman Pat Wyman is the founder and CEO of, a college professor and best-selling author as well.  Each year she and her staff give awards to the Top 101 Best Summer Camps.