High school students are helping disabled students make art with robots, known as “Drawbots” that they built for a project. Students who normally might not be able to draw find that they can easily control the robots.

Students Push Restaurants to Eliminate Plastic StrawsThe Odyssey Angels team of New Castle County designed the “Drawbots” with joysticks, and this facilitates movement and control.

People who have severe disabilities like cerebral palsy can find that self expression is difficult. For example, when they want to draw or paint, they have to have a helper who guides their hands for them.

The Odyssey Angels are a group of students working on the Odyssey of the Mind competition, but they took on building the “Drawbots” as a side project.  The remote controlled “Drawbots” hold pens and markers and can be controlled with a joystick.

“It was really amazing to watch them do it,” said Lia Combs, one of the Odyssey Angels. “They were able to adapt, and they didn’t give up. And to see the smile on their faces when they saw what they were making, oh my goodness, it was just wonderful.”

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