Scatter plots and the line of best fit was the focus of a fun activity that an eighth grade math teacher introduced to her students = a bungee jump for Beanie Babies.

A Bungee Jump for Beanie BabiesAt Madras Middle School Michelle Clarke designed a two day activity which involved collecting data, experimenting with different lengths of bungee rope made out of rubber bands, and measurement of how far their Beanie Baby dropped.

But the drop wasn’t the only objective of the activity.  After they added the tenth rubber band to the bungee rope, they created scatter plots.  These derived an equation determining the number of rubber bands needed to drop the Beanie Baby ten feet.

On the second day, students made their ropes out of rubber bands and dropped the Beanie Babies from a ten foot ladder.  The objective was to have their beanie baby reach closest to the ground in just two attempts.

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A Bungee Jump for Beanie Babies