Forgetting assignments left on the dining room table is a thing of the past now that teachers are assigning cloud based homework.

Cloud Based Homework At Live Oak Middle School, technology is an integral part of every day learning.  Cloud based homework is part of the whole experience there.

For two years, the fifth through eighth graders have used Chromebook laptops in the classroom.  This is the first year that they have utilized Google Drive to access schoolwork.  Teachers use Google Classroom to create assignments as well as distribute and grade them.

“This is a way to motivate kids and infuse multimedia into the classroom,” said Principal Parm Virk. “We want students to have access to all the right information along with rich lessons in the classroom to promote it.”

English teacher Martin Svec likes the ability afforded by technology to interact with students in a very direct way.  When the students are writing during class, Svec can see what is being written on the laptops and have real conversations guiding the students through chat.  He likes the flexibility of being able to work with the students immediately as they are writing.

“I like that all the homework comes right to me,” Svec said. “I don’t have stacks of paper anymore.”

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