When students and schools want to improve, there are solid programs in place that are committing students to success.

Committing Students To Success

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At Union Middle School, improvement practices seem to be working.  Various department officials take pride in improved scores, but the best sign of improvement came from the testimony of a student who participated in the Academy of Reading that was offered at the middle school.

A student named Nick visited the school board to speak about the change in his success.

“It all started at the beginning of the year. I couldn’t really take a test without having it read, because I couldn’t really read,” he said.

He told the board that he went to Tina Brueggemann’s resource lab where the tests were read to him. However, one day he was on his own.

“I went up there to take a science test, and she was busy, so I had to take it by myself. And I got an 80 (percent),” he said.

Nick graduated from the program, and his reading scores improved by more than a grade level.

Middle school principal Ty Crain says that the school developed a Response to Intervention program, while evaluating the mission, vision, and direction of the school.

The slogan is “Committed to Success.”

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Committing Students To Success

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