There are walking tours covering many of the historical and paranormal sites in Dublin Ohio, but a group of elementary school students has designed Dublin’s historic math trail.

Dublin's Historic Math TrailAt Scottish Corners Elementary School, fourth grade teacher Mallory Messenger took her class on a field trip walking tour of Historic Dublin to make some calculations for a math trail.

“We are testing out clues they came up with in class based on pictures of the building to see if it’s something we want to use,” Messenger said.

Students stood outside Blankets and Booties, counting slats on shutters, right angles in windows, and bricks on the doorstep.  At Biddies Coach House, students calculated the cost of a meal for three people using the average meal price.  They then took note of the building, including windows, the historic plaque, and other design elements.

“The goal is to get them to see math in everyday things,” Messenger said.

Messenger hoes to have students see how math applies in real life, by estimating how much things cost or how much paint is needed to paint a building.

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Dublin's Historic Math Trail