There are great paychecks awaiting young women in math and science professions, which is why many teachers and women in technical fields view guiding girls into STEM jobs to be an important focus of their teaching.

Guiding Girls Into STEM Jobs

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26 year old Hillary Latcha guided a group of high school girls through writing computer code for a video game called Pellet Girl. Its a game similar to Pac-Man, and she warned the girls to avoid the ghosts.

The game ghosts arent the only problem.  Negative vibrations often stop women from considering and trying for well paying jobs in computer programming.  Chemical engineering and pharmaceutical science research are also fields that don’t attract women, despite their high aptitudes.

Latcha completed a bachelor’s degree in biology and computer science from Oakland University in 2012.  She often was one of only two women in her classes in college. She worried that she was falling behind, because she wasn’t an 8 year old web building  genius.  Yet she now builds web sites in her job at Commercial Progression.  She teaches girls in a one day event, Explorathon, designed to expand horizons for girls in STEM fields.

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